Socioeconomics Scoping Study for Tidal Power in Nova Scotia

The Fundy Energy Research Network (FERN) Socio-Economic Scoping Study provides a state-of-knowledge comprehensive review of the socio-economic issues associated with tidal in-stream energy conversion (TISEC). Highlighted in this report are international, national and provincial level research, regulatory frameworks and projects.

The purpose of this scoping study is to highlight many of the socio-economic issues related to TISEC development and to discuss best practices, case studies and tools that have been developed to facilitate positive socio-economic benefits and community development. The report provides an overview of research, and best practices developed in Canada and abroad in relation to TISEC developments and other renewable energy technologies.  Four specific components of TISEC development are addressed: Technology, Supply Chain and Workforce Development; Policy, Assessment and Stakeholder Processes; Financing and Funding; and Community Benefits and Economic Development, which highlights socio-economic concerns in the development of TISEC but also other renewable energy technologies.

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