Tidal Energy Community Engagement Handbook

PIs: Dr. John Colton , Acadia Tidal Energy Institute & Lisa Isaacman, FERN

Funding: NS Department of Energy & OERA

The Tidal Energy Community Engagement Handbook was developed to support community and stakeholder engagement for the Community-Feed-in-Tariff program and to specifically support those projects related to tidal energy development.

This handbook provides a step-by-step guide to community engagement for usage by all stakeholders involved in tidal power development including municipal, provincial, industry and academic interests. The Tidal Energy Community Engagement Handbook builds on the Community and Business Toolkit for Tidal Energy Development developed by the Acadia Tidal Energy Institute at Acadia University serving as an addendum to the Community and Stakeholder Engagement Module in the tidal energy toolkit.

As tidal energy development becomes more prevalent in Nova Scotia, it will be necessary to engage the many stakeholders who might be impacted by its development.  Engaging these stakeholders in discussions early in the process is critical to developing the social license fundamental to overall public acceptance of this renewable energy. The Tidal Energy Community Engagement Handbook provides a tool for building stakeholder acceptance of tidal energy development in Nova Scotia.

Handbook available here

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