Research Posters

Research Poster Abstracts

Seasonal Variability of Total Suspended Matter in Minas Basin, Bay of Fundy,  Jing Tao, Dalhousie University

Seasonal Control of Biofilms on Sediment Erosion from an Intertidal Mud Flat in Kingsport, NS, Jessica Carrière-Garwood, Dalhousie University

Modeling the Impact of Large-Scale Tidal Power on Sediment Texture in the Bay of Fundy, Shaun Gelati, Dalhousie University

Seasonal Sedimentation and Hydrodynamics in a Bay of Fundy Tidal Creek and Salt Marsh System, Emma Poirier, Saint Mary’s University

Geometry and Composition of Ice Banks in a Macrotidal Channel, CarolAnne Black, Dalhousie University

On the Melt Rate of Submerged Sediment-Laden Ice, Greg Trowse, Dalhousie University

Measurements and Simulations of the Flow in Digby Neck Passages, Justine McMillan, Dalhousie University

High Resolution Numerical Modelling of Digby Neck Passages, Mitchell O’Flaherty-Sproul, Acadia University

Introducing a Dynamic Penetrometer for Geotechnical Tidal Energy Converter Site Assessment and Monitoring, Nina Stark, Dalhousie University

Pathways of Effects for Marine Renewable Energy in Canada, Lisa Isaacman, FERN

Electrical Design Considerations of Submarine Power Cables, Aaron MacNeill, Dalhousie University

The Fundy Energy Research Network: Fostering Tidal Energy Research Collaborations in the Bay of Fundy, Canada, Lisa Isaacman, FERN

Riding the Tide is No Bore: Temporal and Spatial Movement Patterns of Striped Bass in the Minas Passage, Bay of Fundy, Freya Keyser, Acadia University

Acoustic Detection Ranges for Marine Mammal Monitoring at a Tidal Turbine Site: Grand Passage, NS, Chloe Malinka, Dalhousie University

Seasonal Migration of the American Lobster, Homarus americanus, through the FORCE Tidal Turbine Test Site and Minas Passage, Bay of Fundy, Kaycee Morrison, Acadia University

Bottom Substrate and Associated Epifauna at the FORCE Tidal Turbine Test Site, Minas Passage, Bay of Fundy, Kaycee Morrison, Acadia University

The Commotion in the Ocean – Detecting Harbour Porpoises (Phocoenaphocoena) at the FORCE Turbine Test Site in the Minas Passage, Bay of Fundy, Peter Porskamp, Acadia University

Observations of Harbour Porpoise (Phocoenaphocoena) at the Fundy Tidal Energy Demonstration Site, Minas Passage, Nova Scotia, 2009-2012, Patrick Stewart, Envirosphere Consultants

Fundy Tidal Energy Demonstration Site, Seabird Surveys—Minas Passage, 2008-2012, Heather Levy, Envirosphere Consultants

The Levelized Cost of Energy and the Importance of Cash Flow Risk Analysis, Lisa Visentin, Acadia University



Presented by Dan MacDonald, Roland Samimy, David Schlezinger, and Kevin Stokesbury

Macro to Micro: Finding the Sweet Spot for Marine Hydrokinetic Technology Deployments, Muskeget Channel Case Study

Analysis of a Diffuser-Shrouded High-Solidity Vertical Axis Tidal Turbine Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Accelerated Computational Simulations of Incompressible Multi-Phase Flows in a Parallel Heterogeneous Multi-GPU/CPU Computing Framework

The Near-Shore Point Absorbing Wave Energy Converter

The Impact of Tidal Stream Turbines on Circulation and Sediment Transport in Muskeget Channel, MA

Oceanographic Data Collection for Environmental Assessment and Siting of Marine Renewable Energy Projects

SMAST Yellowtail Flounder Bycatch Avoidance System

SMAST Sea Scallop Video Survey