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FERN has developed a collection of published and unpublished reports, data and other scientific resources relating to the environmental, engineering and socio-economic aspects of tidal power development. The purpose of this collection is to facilitate knowledge sharing and dissemination by providing a central, open repository for tidal energy and Bay of Fundy related resources accessible to FERN member researchers. 

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10 Most Recent Documents

Developing a Novel Risk-Based Methodology for Multi-Criteria Decision Making in Marine Renewable Energy Applications

Biological/Ecological Effects, Geophysics/Hydrodynamics: Mohammad Mahdi Abaei, Ehsan Arzaghi, Rouzbeh Abbassi, Vikram Garaniya, Irene Penesis (2016/10/25)
Keywords: Decision making, Renewable energy, Wave energy converter, Bayesian network, Influence diagram, Expected utility

A Framework for Determining Improved Placement of Current Energy Converters Subject to Environmental Constraints

Biological/Ecological Effects, Geophysics/Hydrodynamics: Kurt Nelson, Scott C. James, Jesse D. Roberts & Craig Jones (2017/07/05)
Keywords: Marine renewable energy, current-energy conversion, modelling, array layout subject to environmental constraints

Turbulence dissipation rates from horizontal velocity profiles at mid-depth in fast tidal flows

Geophysics/Hydrodynamics: Rachel M. Horwitz, Alex E. Hay (2017/03/21)

Hydroacoustic Analysis of the Effects of a Tidal Power Turbine on Fishes

Biological/Ecological Effects, PhD Thesis: Haley Viehman (2016/12)

Investigating the performance of the IEC standard for tidal energy resource assessment in the Bay of Fundy, Canada

Geophysics/Hydrodynamics: Andrew Cornett, Julien Cousineau, Mathieu Toupin (2016/04)

The Ocean Economy in 2030

Economics, Engineering, Miscellaneous, Socio-economics: OECD (2016/04)

Soundscape characterization in a dynamic acoustic environment: Grand Passage, Nova Scotia, a planned in-stream tidal energy site

Acoustics, Geophysics/Hydrodynamics: Anne R. Lombardi, Alex E. Hay, David R. Barclay (2016/09)
Keywords: Acoustics, Soundscape, Grand Passage, Bay of Fundy