Past FERN Events

FERN Connector 2017

The Fundy Energy Research Network (FERN) Connector, held in December 2017, brought together new and current FERN members to share information, facilitate research collaborations and network among all levels of government, academia, non-profits and industry involved in tidal energy development. FERN Members have been addressing knowledge gaps and priorities in the environmental, socio-economic and engineering challenges of tidal energy development in the Bay of Fundy since 2010. Hosting a Connector event brought general membership and the multi-sector subcommittees together so new partnerships could be formed and collaborative research needs discussed. The event was sponsored by Springboard Atlantic Inc. and included FERN subcommittee meetings, member presentations, refreshments and networking. Member presentations from the event are listed below. Please contact the FERN Coordinator if you wish to get in touch with one of the researchers. 

  • Melissa Oldreive, FORCE - 2017 Milestones
  • Richard Karsten, Acadia University - Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Forecasting Infrastructure for Instream Tidal Energy
  • Mike Stokesbury, Acadia University - Testing innovative Vemco fish tracking technology to study fish distribution / movements in Minas Passage
  • Tiger Jeans, UNB - Towards In-Situ Simulations of Tidal Turbines
  • Greg Trowse, Luna Ocean Consulting Ltd. - LunaTide
  • Jeremy Locke, Acadia University - Drones & Drifters
  • Brian Sanderson, Acadia University - Porpoise Detections Using a Drifter-Hydrophone and Coda Software
  • Anna Redden, Acadia University - Active Acoustic Detection of Fish Using Sonars
  • Trevor Avery, Acadia University - Integrated Population Models: A Framework and Lobster Case Study
  • Jennifer Pinks, OERA - OERA Highlights and Opportunity Updates

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Nova Scotia Tidal Energy Research Symposium & Forum 2013

The NS Tidal Energy Research Symposium and Forum was held on 14-15 May 2013 at the KC Irving Environmental Science Centre, Acadia University, Wolfville, NS.

The purpose was to provide a forum for individuals engaged in ongoing or recently completed environmental, technological / engineering and socioeconomic research and technical work related to tidal energy development in Nova Scotia to share and discuss their activities, findings and insights.

Over 100 people from NS, NB, BC and Massachusetts attended the 2 day event, representing academia, government, and public and private sector organizations involved in tidal energy research.

The symposium included:

  • Oral and poster presentations on research results and lessons learned from ongoing and recently completed research and technical work related to tidal energy development in Nova Scotia and its practical relevance to development and regulation;
  • Facilitated discussions on information/technology gaps and challenges, and development of technological solutions to assist tidal energy development;
  • A panel session featuring tidal energy R&D financing, including Feed-in-Tariffs and regional and national priorities and opportunities;
  • Networking opportunities to foster dialogue, understanding and cooperation among the research community, industry and regulators.



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