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Energy symposium recharges vision for youth retention

Exceeding last year’s attendance record, almost 400 people crammed into the Dr. Carson and Marian Murray Community Centre for the opening address Sept. 22, of the symposium that will focus on the region’s fledgling renewable energy sector. In attendance were high school attendance from across the region and it was pointed out on more than one occasion the work being done now to develop these renewable energy sectors is for their futures.

“By developing green energy we believe we can keep our people right here and even bring back those in Alberta through job creation,” Cumberland County Chief Administrative Officer [CAO] and Cumberland Energy Authority President Rene Bugley said.

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Research project to study water turbulence

Black Rock Tidal Power is studying the turbulance in the Bay of Fundy’s Minas Passage.

Black Rock, in conjunction with the Department of Oceanography at Dalhousie University and Rockland Scientific International of Victoria, B.C., wants to measure the turbulence in the water where the company plans to deploy a tidal power renewable energy platform next year.

The deployment in Minas Passage is part of a larger international research project, InSTREAM, being conducted in conjunction with three United Kingdom partners FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility, Ocean Array Systems and The European Marine Energy Centre and funded through the Offshore Energy Research Association and Innovate UK.

The objective of the InSTREAM project is to measure ocean turbulence that affects loads on turbine components and structure and that, in turn, affects the reliability and efficiency of tidal energy extraction.

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Tocardo to test tidal energy technology in Canada’s Bay of Fundy later this year

Netherland based tidal energy company Tocardo will start testing four 250kW T2 bi-directional turbines in the Minas Passage of Canada’s Bay of Fundy in late 2017.

The company will carry out in-water testing of the turbines at the Fundy Ocean Resource Centre for Energy (FORCE) in the Minas Passage.

Tocardo president Hans Van Breugel said: “We are looking forward to demonstrating Tocardo’s capabilities in North America and hope to make Nova Scotia the centre of our future manufacturing operations.”

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