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OPINION: Plenty of Ocean for All

Everybody working in the ocean has a responsibility to be mindful of their impact—individually and as part of an industry. I grew up boating on the Ocean and I still love to boat in the Bay of Fundy. I agree with fishermen when they call for thorough assessments of the impact of tidal power development on the Bay of Fundy. It is, after all, the biggest tidal research project in the world today.

I expect the same care would be taken if we were talking about exploratory drilling for minerals, aquaculture or dragging. Nobody has a monopoly on the ocean’s resources, and no industry alone bears the burden of ensuring that our oceans are healthy and activity carried on there is sustainable.

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Bay of Fundy to get tidal power turbine next month

The first of two towering turbines designed by Cape Sharp Tidal to harness the immense power of the Bay of Fundy will be installed next month off the coast of Nova Scotia, an company official announced Thursday.

Sarah Dawson, the community relations manager for the project, said one of the five-storey high, two-megawatt turbines built in Pictou by Aecon Atlantic Industrial Inc., will be loaded on a barge during the first week of June and travel around the province until it reaches the test site near Parrsboro.

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Cape Sharp tidal turbines almost ready to be deployed to Bay of Fundy

Video: The long awaited Cape Sharp Tidal project is now in the home stretch. The plan to harness power from the waters of the Bay of Fundy will be put to the test next month, when the first of two five-storey high turbines will be installed. Global’s Natasha Pace reports.

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