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Bay of Fundy tidal power turbine passes first environmental test: monitoring devices are working

The tidal power turbine on the floor of the Minas Passage has passed a first environmental test.

Sensors needed to help gauge impact on marine life are functioning, although what conclusions can be drawn from the data is already subject of debate.

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Bay of Fundy tidal turbine now powering 500 Nova Scotia homes

Nova Scotia is now officially generating tidal energy after the first tidal turbine in North America was successfully connected to the power grid Tuesday.

The 1,000-tonne turbine, which is part of the Cape Sharp Tidal project to harness the immense power of the Bay of Fundy, is now powering 500 homes in Nova Scotia.

“We are ushering a new era in marine renewable energy and taking an unprecedented step toward a lower carbon future,” Energy Minister Michel Samson said.

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Racing pumpkins to map the tides in Grand Passage, Digby County

WESTPORT – Tidal energy researchers want to experiment with pumpkins for mapping the flow of the tides in Grand Passage.

Greg Trowse of Luna Ocean Consulting has already done a lot of preliminary work from his kayak on trips around Brier and Long Islands and other parts of southwest Nova Scotia, launching and tracking special drifters he developed for this work.


Recently Trowse and Reid Gillis, a Freeport fisherman and former whale watch operator have launching and tracking more drifters from Reid’s rigid inflatable boat.

Now Trowse wants to hold a pumpkin race with the whole community to see if he can use pumpkins for mapping ocean currents. Drones will take aerial images of the bright orange globes which will allow researchers to see how exactly the tides move in the passage.


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