The Fundy Energy Research Network (FERN) is an independent non-profit organization initiated by academic and government researchers as a forum to:

Coordinate and foster research collaborations, capacity building and information exchange to advance knowledge, understanding and technical solutions related to the environmental, engineering & socio-economic factors associated with tidal energy development in the Bay of Fundy.



  • To identify and provide objective guidance on emerging and priority issues related to tidal energy proposals and developments;
  • To facilitate research collaboration and information sharing among government scientists, academia and tidal energy developers to address environmental, socio-economic and engineering issues and challenges associated with tidal energy development;
  • To foster collaborative research and partnerships, and training of the next generation of highly qualified people;
  • To promote  investment in tidal energy research and optimization of its use by enhancing communication and cooperation among those involved;
  • To develop and maintain productive relationships with regional, national and international groups involved in tidal energy research; 
  • To communicate information and research progress through meetings, seminars, conferences, reports, FERN website, and/or other forms of public presentation.