FERN Committees

Executive Committee

The EC is made up of an executive chair, and the co-chairs from each of the three sub-committees. The EC meets every 3-6 months to review progress and provide direction on activities of FERN.

Executive Chair

Dr. Anna Redden, Acadia University

Anna is an Associate Professor in Biology at Acadia University, Director of the Acadia Centre for Estuarine Research, and a member of the FORCE Board. Dr. Redden is actively engaged in collaborative research on the potential impacts of tidal power developments on migratory fishes and on sediment-animal relationships in the upper Bay of Fundy.


Natural Sciences Subcommittee



Dr. Graham Daborn, Acadia University

Greg Trowse, Luna Ocean Consulting Ltd.

Current Members

Alex Hay, Dalhousie

Anna Redden, ACER

Brent Law, DFO

Carys Burgess, EMERA

Claire Goodwin, Huntsman Marine Science

Danika van Proosdij, St. Mary's University

David Greenberg, DFO, BIO

Gary Melvin, DFO, St. Andrews

Gerhard Pohle, Huntsman Marine Sciences Centre

Haley Viehman, Acadia

Joel Culina, FORCE

Jason Wood, SMRU

John Shaw, GSC, BIO

Mike Stokesbury, Acadia

Richard Karsten, Acadia

Ryan Mulligan, Queen's University

Tim Milligan (Emeritus), DFO, BIO


Engineering Subcommittee



Dean Steinke, Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd.

Dr. Tiger Jeans, University of New Brunswick

Current Members

Anne-Marie Belliveau, Emera

Dominic Groulx, Dalhousie University

Ghanashyam Ranjitkar, NRCan

Nick Fyffe, Blumara

Sue Molloy, Glas Ocean

Andrew Lowery, FORCE


Socioeconomics Subcommittee



Melissa Oldreive, FORCE

Dr. John Colton, Acadia Tidal Energy Institute

Current Members

Dana Morin, Consultant

Amanda White, Marine Renewables Canada

Graham Daborn, Acadia University

Steve Sanford, NS Dept. of Energy

Mary McPhee, Consultant

Stacey Pineau, Cape Sharp Tidal

Sarah Saunders, WWF

Terry Thibodeau, Municipality of Digby