Technical Presentation Abstracts

Day 1 - Tuesday, May 14th

Updates on Marine Renewable Energy in Nova Scotia

FORCE: Activity in the Minas Passage, Doug Keefe, Executive Director, FORCE

Digby Gut and Passages: Hydrodynamic Site Assessment Project, Richard Karsten, Acadia University

Cape Breton Strategic Environmental Assessment, Russell Dmytriw, AECOM

Community & Business Tidal Energy Toolkit: Supporting Tidal Energy Development in NS, John Colton, Acadia University

Technical Presentations

FORCE's Sensor Platform Project, Tony Wright, FORCE

Turbulence Measurement in High Speed Tidal Channels: Results from an Initial Experiment, and Future Directions, Alex Hay, Dalhousie University

Cross-coupling between Device-level CFD and Oceanographic Models Applied to TISECs in Minas Passage and Petit Passage, Richard Karsten, Acadia University

Mapping the Bay of Fundy, John Shaw, Geological Survey of Canada

Seasonal Change in Grain Size and Erodibility on a Tidal Channel-flat Complex in Kingsport, N.S., Brent Law, Fisheries & Oceans Canada

Research & Development: Priorities and Collaboration

OERA Priorities & Collaboration, Stephen Dempsey, OERA

University of Massachusetts Research & Collaborations, Dan MacDonald, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

International Social Science Research Priorities in Marine Renewable Energy, Shelley MacDougall, Acadia University

Panel Discussion: Financing Research & Development

Financing, Risk & Tidal Energy, Shelley MacDougall, Acadia University

Developing Tidal Feed-in Tariffs for Nova Scotia, Geoff Keith, Synapse

Financing Marine Renewable Energy Research, Carey Ryan, OERA

Strategies for Partnerships & Innovation, Richard Isnor, NSERC

Day 2 - Wednesday, May 15th

Technical Presentations

A Review of Water Velocity and Tidal Height Data Obtained in and Around the FORCE Demonstration Site, Simon Melrose, Oceans Ltd.

Getting Plugged In: Assessment of Cable Lay Operations for Tidal Energy Developments in the Minas Passage, Dean Steinke, DSA Ltd.

Measurement of Long-Term Ambient Noise in the Bay of Fundy, Bruce Martin, JASCO

Sediment-laden Ice: Is it a Serious Impediment to Subsurface Tidal Turbines in Minas Passage? Brian Sanderson, ACER

Criteria for Site Selection of Tidal Power In-Stream Devices: The Importance of the Geological Environment, Jon Mackie, Seaforth Geosurveys

Intertidal Sediment Dynamics: Challenges, Lessons Learned and Potential Impacts of Tidal Power Development, Danika van Proosdij, Saint Mary's University

Development of Temporal Monitoring Techniques for Benthic Habitat Impacts of Tidal Energy, Craig Brown, McGregor Geoscience Ltd.

Assessment of Zooplankton Injury and Mortality from the Deployment of Underwater Tidal Energy Turbines, David Schlezinger, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Use of Hydroacoustic Telemetry to Detect Movements of Migratory Fishes and Lobsters in the Minas Passage, Anna Redden, Acadia University

Passive Acoustic Monitoring of Harbour Porpoise at the FORCE site in Minas Passage, Jason Wood, Sea Mammal Research Unit Ltd.