Digby Neck

Fundy Tidal Inc., based out of Brier Island, NS, has been accepted for COMFITs for development of Tidal Energy Projects located in:

  1. Grand Passage (500 kW)
  2. Petit Passage (500 kW)
  3. Digby Gut (1.95 MW)

Several technologies are currently being considered for installation at these sites, including those developed by New Energy Corporation Inc. (NECI), Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC), Verdant Power, Tocardo, and Nautricity. The Project Description for the Outer Bay of Fundy Tidal Energy Project is available here..

Several research and monitoring projects are currently underway at these sites in collaboration with various academic institutions, including:

Fall 2010

  • Conducted a test of the 5 kW EnCurrent PGS in Grand Passage
  • Completion of current profiling, modeling & analysis studies in Grand Passage conducted by researchers from Dalhousie University (Department of Oceanography) and Acadia University (Department of Mathematics & Statistics)