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Featured Research: Socioeconomics

PIs: Michael Gardner, Gardner Pinfold

Funding: OERA

Expected Completion Date: Dec 2014

PIs: Dr. John Colton , Acadia Tidal Energy Institute & Lisa Isaacman, FERN

Funding: NS Department of Energy & OERA

Publishing Date: 2013

PIs: Dr. Shelley MacDougall & Dr. John Colton , Acadia Tidal Energy Institute

Project Coordinator: Alan Howell

Funding: Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency Innovative Communities Fund, Nova Scotia Rural Economic Development and Tourism, Municipalities of Digby County, Cumberland Regional Economic Development Association (Cumberland Energy Office), AECOM Canada Ltd., Fundy Tidal Inc., Jasco Applied Sciences, Minas Basin Pulp and Power, Nortek USA, VEMCO, OERA, FORCE and Acadia University

Publishing Date: 2013